Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Week Eight - The Party's Over

The Party’s Over – Back to writing and sensible eating.

When all the company left, my first thought was, “time to get back to sensible eating and to my writing!”
I’m feeling bloated and my waistbands are pinching. But what do I do with all the remains—the fudge, cookies, potato chips, cheese spread and crackers, truffles, chocolate turtles, sour cream mashed potatoes, pineapple casserole and those other tempting goodies that I didn’t manage to send home with my company?
            All these treats are a real dilemma for me since Terry announced that as of now, he is back on his no-carb diet! This leaves me with two choices; freeze it, or toss it. Or possibly, option three, have Terry hide the candy from me (so at least I can ration my indulgences). 
Time for a plan!
Tips for the day after the binge.
1.     Nix the guilt! You enjoyed the holiday and being with your loved ones. Remember all the wonderful moments and move on.
2.     Don’t weigh yourself immediately. Give your body a day or two to stabilize first!
3.     New Year’s is nearing. Forget resolutions. Resolutions are nothing but hidden forms of punishment and we just agreed to leave guilt behind.
4.     Instead, make goals for the year. These can be weekly goals, monthly goals or just an outline of where you want to be in your life at this time next year. Most important—make them realistic!
5.     Keep your goal list in a place where you will see it and review it regularly.
6.     Be sure some of your goals are fun things. Avoid anything you dread doing. If you want to lose weight, find a food plan you can live with. If regular exercise is one of your goals, make it something your enjoy. For writers, walking is wonderful for creative thinking. One of my goals is to buy a mini-recorder so I can save my walking ideas.
7.     Freeze all the leftovers for later or give them to a family in need.
8.     Prevent post-holiday letdown by making one of your goals something you’ve wanted to do but been putting off: writing that new book, taking the cooking class you’ve always wanted, joining a yoga class, visiting a friend in another state. Take one step toward that goal in order to be sure 2012 includes something new to look forward to.

I hope all of you had a happy and healthy Christmas! I’m wishing you the very best for the New Year. Thank you for following the Ten Pounds of Christmas and helping me to make this year only a three-pound Christmas season!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Week Seven - Eek! It's Christmas week.

 Eek! It’s Christmas Week. (And I’m feeling fat already.)

Where are we in the fight to keep from gaining weight over the holidays? For me, the good news is I’ve only gained ½ a pound so far. And everyone knows that is only a daily fluctuation, right?
            As Christmas day approaches, my battle becomes more difficult. Trying to follow my own tips, I’m fighting to eat less on the days there are no parties, company, or dinners out. And during those eating events, I’m savoring the things I really love without (almost without) overindulging.  I’ve managed to pass up the things I can live without and eating desserts when I’m already stuffed. Doesn’t seem like much, you say?
            Then you most likely have never had a serious weight problem and shouldn’t be reading this blog! But seriously, it is the small changes that make a big difference.
            I’m having company this week for Christmas. Guess I’d better review my tips for serving guests. Or better yet, I’ll revisit them all. In this case, repetition is my friend.

1.     If possible, put prepared treats far out of sight and reach.
2.     Don’t give up the things you love. Give yourself permission to indulge, but only on the things you enjoy the most. Pass up foods you can live without.
3.     As host or hostess, serve things that are not your favorites.
4.     When entertaining, have holiday containers and wrap on hand. Send leftover temptations home with your guests.
5.     At a party, fill yourself one plate of the things you enjoy the most and savor every bite. Don't stand at the buffet and nibble.
6.     Pass up the public goodie trays by imagining the unsanitary conditions surrounding them. Use your imagination.
7.     Always have a mental plan before a food event. Then stick to it. This battle is all about awareness.
8.     Remember it’s okay to have your favorite things. If you overdo them and have a bad day or two, forgive yourself and follow up with two good days.Eat lean on days having no food events.
9.     A pound or two is easy to get rid of. Ten pounds means endless months of cabin fever while on a diet. Who wants that?
10. Have a happy, healthy and wonderful Christmas!

Please feel free to comment and leave any additional tips that work for you!

Monday, December 12, 2011

The Ten Pounds of Christmas - Week Six - Sugar's Slippery Slope

 Sugar’s Slippery Slope

On my annual Christmas visit to Iowa, a friend gave me a box of cookies she’d baked. They were delicious. Don’t ask me how many I consumed on my drive back home; I’m afraid I lost count after six!
Why is it, that being given a wonderful treat like home baked cookies, I eat them like they’re the last ones I’ll ever enjoy? If any of you readers have a good suggestion on how to put the brakes on grazing, please share it!
Last week I was on the edge, and now I’m at the bottom of the goodie barrel, fluffy as a marshmallow snowman. It is not a pleasant feeling. I’ve slid down the slippery slope for three days; now it’s time to follow my own advice and return to sensible eating until the next “event”. With two weeks to go before the big day, there are many more temptations ahead.
I’m also pondering why it’s so impossibly difficult to get back on track after three days of free-reign eating. The mouth wants what the mouth wants, hard to control as a cat! I must accept the inevitable truth—in order to keep from gaining ten pounds this season, I have to eat less than normal on days when there are no parties or other eating occasions luring me to overindulge.
And meanwhile, thank goodness for stretch jeans!
Tips for the week.
1 Don’t let a few out of control days become a week of binging. Accept it, forgive yourself, and eat lean whenever possible.
2 Put gift treats out of sight. (Or in the trunk!) Allow yourself a few each day as a reward for your resolve.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Week Five - I'm On The Edge of Fatness


I made it through Thanksgiving week without gaining weight! But now the parties and treat trays have begun their tempting display. The lure of high-calorie temptation beckons and I feel myself weakening. It’s time to renew my vow of stability over the holidays.
            Lady Gaga sings, “I’m On The Edge of Glory,” wearing next to nothing with every lean inch of her looking great, her inspiring message nudging me to remember my vow. These are the days that put me on the edge of fatness. I need to remain aware.
            Complacency is that little devil inside me that keeps saying, “Go ahead. This is the season to enjoy. Worry about it later.”
It’s easy for me to get caught up in all the good cheer and good food that surrounds me. Every day it’s getting harder not to fall into the sedated state of overeating. I keep telling myself I’d rather feel good about my body than overindulge. Staying aware is half the battle.
            Here come my tips for the week. Excuse me if some are repetitive, but those may be worth reviewing—or tacking on the bathroom mirror.
            1 Join a conversation as far from the food table as possible.
2 I’ve been watching thin people and noticed that they don’t nibble. They take a small cocktail plate, fill it with offerings from the display, and DON’T go back. 
3 Only eat the things you really want. The hostess won’t notice you’ve passed up one or two items.
4 On non-party days, eat sensibly!
5 Box and wrap all home made goodies.