Friday, June 3, 2016

MOST WANTED by Lisa Scottoline, A review



A review

I haven’t enjoyed all of Scottoline’s recent books. Many have leaned away from mystery, with at least half of the book going heavily into family drama. For me, a good suspense story does have some amount of personal-interest story lines for the protagonist, but I’m quickly bored by things like lengthy dialogue with their children and endless pages with extensively  detailed family background.
But in Most Wanted, Scottoline finds a perfect balance. I started reading this book on Memorial weekend and finished it in twenty-four hours. It’s that good.
In an absorbing and creative plot, Scottoline’s protagonist, Christine Nilsson, and her husband Marcus have just become pregnant using donor sperm. Then Christine sees a photo of a newly captured serial killer on the news and realizes he looks just like her donor. After the agency they used refuses to confirm or deny he is the same man, she takes it upon herself to discover if she’s made the right connection.
As she delves deep into uncovering the truth, Christine is forced to face her worst fears and make a painful decision.
The end of the book has a surprising twist, culminating in what most will find a satisfying ending, although I was somewhat disappointed at the progression of Christine’s husband’s personality.
Overall, Most Wanted is an amazing, five-star suspense read. Be sure to start reading it when you time to finish!

Dear Readers,

I hope you are enjoying these late spring days. Here in Wisconsin we are facing some warm-weather storms, and fortunately, most of the damage done by them has missed us and no one in our area has been injured.Stay safe wherever you live and enjoy the season.


PS - I hope the photo Isn't confusing. I was unable to duplicate the cover of Most Wanted.