Sunday, December 6, 2015

A review of The Murder House, by James Patterson and David Ellis

A review of The Murder House, 

by James Patterson and David Ellis

The Murder House has an oceanfront view, a private beach—and a deadly secret that won't stay buried. When Landon James, the police chief of the small town of Bridgehampton, hires his niece, former NYPD undercover detective, Jenna Rose Murphy, her first assignment is to investigate the brutal murder of a Hollywood mogul and his girlfriend whose butchered bodies were discovered in the mansion. Six more barbaric murders soon follow. Jenna arrests Noah Walker, a self-employed handyman, for the murders when the police unearth proof that the couple is undeniably linked to Noah's past. To prove his innocence, Noah must uncover the house's dark secrets—and reveal his own.

 The Murder House has been given more accolades by Patterson’s followers than anything he’s written in some time. What’s different about this story?

1.     There is a lot more character history and development.
2.     Although there are hints that Jenna and Noah will eventually get together, their relationship builds slowly and tumultuously, keeping the reader eager for when it will happen.
3.     The story ties to the history of the house and goes back into the past of the house and its connection to the main characters.
4.     The ending is satisfying, and the reader is kept guessing how it will end until the last minute.

The Patterson/Ellis collaboration worked its magic in this one.  

 Dear Readers,

For me, the evolving relationship of Jenna and Noah was what I found most engaging. They are definitely characters that readers will want to meet again.

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