Friday, February 15, 2013

Readers - What Will You Pay for an eBook?

Readers - What Will You Pay For An eBook?
The high and the low of eBook pricing.

When I put my first novel up as an eBook, I priced it high because of its length. Now that my second novel, Relative Malice, has just been released, I’m wondering once more about what to charge for it.
Do I reduce novel #1 now that the new one is out? Should I bring down the price of both books? Many people advise not charging more than 2.99 for an eBook, and many readers say they will not pay more than $2.99 for one.
I need your help. I’d love some input from both authors and readers on the following questions.
1.     Do you believe $2.99 is as high as any eBook should be priced?
2.     Are you only wiling to pay more for a book written by a famous author?
3.     Should older releases by an author be priced lower than newer ones?
4.     Do you pass up books priced at 99 cents for those that are free?
5.     Are free books worth a look-see?
6.     How often do you find a gem among the free offerings?

Dear Readers,
Please take a minute to express your opinions. Pricing is an issue many authors are struggling with. My spouse keeps telling me that a quality product should be priced accordingly, and I keep telling him the eBook market is a new dog on the block. No one knows for sure what it is or how friendly it’s going to be!
Hope all of you had a loving Valentine’s Day.
Thanks for your help,