Saturday, March 5, 2016



March, the month of four-leaf clovers and little green leprechauns, is right around the corner, and along with it come visions of green beer and the famous pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, and all of us want to be showered with that famous luck of the Irish.
         The word luck, beaten and bastardized, gets tossed around like a day-old doughnut whenever Indie authors discuss success (or lack thereof) of their book sales.
         The first time I ran a KDP free book promotion, and placed my suspense eBook, She’s Not There, free on, I only had 8,202 downloads at the end of the first two days. This result was disappointing compared to those of an author friend, who had 26, 000 downloads for her book when she used the same promotion.
When I asked her about it, she said that her huge number of her downloads were a matter of luck, due the fact that a popular eBook site noticed her promotion and highlighted it for their readers. I know firsthand that her success is not all due to luck. She is a devoted marketer and spends every available moment working to maintain her book’s sales momentum. Me, I’m addicted to things like playing bridge, reading, and watching soap operas; my marketing ethic is not nearly as fierce!
I’m going to let you in on a secret about luck.

         This is a universal truth:
Luck is more likely to happen to those who go after it.

None of us want to hear that luck takes effort. We would all prefer to cling to magical thinking: I’ll get rich when I win the lottery, the perfect man will come knocking at my door, a stroke of fate will send my book sales through the roof. And with rare exceptions:
         It ain’t gonna happen!

  -  Secrets of Lucky People

1.    Believe you will be successful.
Research shows that if you believe you’ll succeed, your odds of hitting a lucky streak go up. There is no magic involved—expectancy is a true driver of results. Expecting something, as opposed to wanting or hoping for it, will enhance your decision–making and you’ll put in more of an effort than you normally would. Expect success and find ways to stay positive—it works!

2.    Pay Attention! Notice What Others Miss.
Lucky people are open to random opportunities. They notice chance situations and act on them. Curiosity, courage, and diligence are traits that prepare you to recognize opportunities and act on them. Put down your cell phone and turn off the computer games. Look around and keep your eyes open for opportunities—they’re out there!

3.    Be Willing to Take a Chance.
If you try more things, more good things will happen. Serendipity is more likely to occur if you take risks and move outside of your comfort zone. Be willing to accept occasional failures. If you only try things that guarantee success, you will miss out on many opportunities to succeed.
When chance encounters occur, don’t over-think them, act on them!

4.    Switch Things Up
 Lucky people increase their chances of positive opportunities by meeting new people, experiencing new places, activities, and information. They are constantly trying new things.
Luck won’t come looking for you or call you on your Smartphone.
The more you put yourself out there, and experience new things, the more likely it is you will find luck.

5.    Practice Bouncing Back 
Lucky people don’t let failure sidetrack their road to success.
Unlucky people tend to be data collectors for bad experiences, constantly dwelling on every detail of negative events. When you let a bad break get you down, you close the door on new situations that could lead to a lucky break.
Learn to let it go.
Closely linked to the first trait, expecting the best, bouncing back means you will have a greater chance of success with each failure, because you’ll be trying new experiences more often.
Regard every bad break as an opportunity to find the right course for you.

Dear Readers,
         So many of us, myself included, wait for that magical break that will mean success for our writing, or success in love, life and career. But magical thinking delays success. Practice these habits of lucky people and reap the rewards.
Happy St. Patrick’s Day,

Note: I seldom repeat a blog, but this one on luck has been so popular that I repeat it every March when the luck of the Irish is on our minds and in the air!