Friday, November 10, 2017


Preparing for Thanksgiving

            Unless you’re stranded on a desert island, being held prisoner in Myanmar, or   are accidentally locked in your storage locker, you’ll be stuffing yourself on the big day. The trick is to give yourself permission to do that without eating more and more every day leading up to Thanksgiving as if you were training for an Olympic event. 
             That isn’t as simple as that sounds. Anticipation makes moderation difficult. Your devious brain will be telling you, “Go ahead. You’ll be overeating on Thanksgiving anyway, you may as well eat whatever you want until then.
Sound familiar?
            Use your brain to help you, not sabotage you. Remain aware of your eating habits.
Don’t starve yourself. Eat sensibly. And get enough sleep! Sound strange? Then you’ve never noticed how much more susceptible you are to food urges on days that you’re exhausted. Getting enough sleep is the best way to be good to yourself and prevent eating binges.
My tips for this week are for those of you—and myself—who are going to be doing the cooking on Thanksgiving. Cooking is a task requiring more that one tip!
1.  If your family and friends are used to having appetizers set out, prepare some that you can pass up. For me, that means herring, a shrimp plate, and stuffed mushroom. I know, it’s really weird not to like those things, but I’m a picky eater except when it comes to junk food. So for me, no chips, cheese, or mixed nuts on my coffee table.
 2.  At the big meal, indulge only in your favorites and pass up the other dozen side dishes. I’ve practiced this one for a while now, and believe me, I’ve never been reprimanded by the hostess since I so obviously enjoy what I am eating.
3.  Make sure to have a supply of disposable plastic containers for leftovers. Send the tempting, high-calorie items home with your guests and don’t take no for an answer. This will require extreme assertiveness on your part when they protest—and they will. Be firm.

Dear readers,
        Remember, Thanksgiving is one day out of three hundred sixty-five. The free
pass you give yourself to eat the things you love on that day is for one day only. Go ahead and indulge, then move on.


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