Sunday, December 30, 2012

Is There a "BEST" Time for a Book Release?

Is There a “BEST” Time for a Book Release?


What’s the best time to release a new book? Having missed my release deadline for my new suspense novel, I’ve been doing a lot of pondering on the subject. I released my first book in July, and was hoping to get the second one on in December, in time for Christmas gift giving.
Now it’s back to decision time.

Some thoughts on when to release:
1.     Summer – People are busy during the summer. There are so many things to do, that reading may be at the bottom of their list. But there are vacations, right? Nothing better than a good book while lying on a chaise next to the pool!
2.     Spring – Again, a time when everyone’s thinking about their yards, weddings, graduations, etc. But also, they are planning vacations. Might be the time for buying those vacation books!
3.     Winter holiday season – This might seem ideal, but once more, people are stressed out with everything they have to do, and may be putting books and reading on the back burner. But books as gifts may change the equation, right?
4.     Post-holidays – What better way to laugh at cabin fever than with a good book? Not as many things going on, may be the perfect release time.
5.     Autumn – Everyone’s favorite season. A great time for reading? Could be perfect if you’re writing horror or suspense. Anything tied to the occult, too. Bring it on in October!
6.     October and February - I’ve added these months as a multi-published author recently touted those as the best months for a book release.  

            What’s the answer? Well, one could get the book ready early, then choose to wait until December (or October or February) to release it, but who among us authors wants to wait once our “baby” is ready?
            Tell us, what do you think? Is the holiday season the best time for a new release?

Dear Readers,
I really wanted my new suspense novel, Relative Malice, to be on Amazon as both an ebook and print book before Christmas. I figured books would be peaking in sales at that time. I didn’t make it.
            I’ve consoled myself, thinking maybe a January debut would be even better. People would have more time with their shopping done, parties over, and company gone home. Sour grapes? Hard to tell. And personally, the Christmas season is not the best time for an author. Add the stress of everything that goes into getting a book ready to release to that of preparing for the holidays, and it makes a less than joyless season for a writer!
            Suggestions? I’d love to hear them!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Eek! It's Christmas Week

 Eek! It’s Christmas Week 

(And I’m feeling fat already.)

      Trying to follow my own tips, I’m fighting to eat less on days there are no parties, no company, or 
dining out. And during those eating events, I’m savoring the things I really love without (almost 
without) overindulging.  I’ve managed to pass up the things that aren’t favorites and the desserts when
I’m already stuffed. 

      Doesn’t seem like much, you say?

      Then you most likely have never had a serious weight problem and shouldn’t be reading this blog! 
But seriously, it is the small changes that make a big difference. 

I’m having company this week for Christmas. Here some tips for serving guests. 

1. If possible, put prepared treats far out of sight and reach unless they’re being served to everyone.

2. Don’t give up the things you love. Give yourself permission to indulge, but only on the things you 
enjoy the most. Pass up foods you can live without.

3. As host or hostess, serve things that are not your personal favorites. 

4. When entertaining, have holiday containers and wrap on hand. Send leftover temptations home with your guests. Be assertive!

5. At a party, fill yourself one plate of the things you enjoy the most and savor every bite. DON”T stand at the buffet and nibble.

7. Always have a mental plan before a food event. Then stick to it. This battle is all about awareness.
8. If you do have a bad day or two, follow up with two good days and forgive yourself.

Please feel free to comment and leave any additional tips that work for you!

Dear readers,
So far, I’ve managed not to gain weight during the holiday season. It’s been especially hard as I’ve been doing the final proofing on my next book and all of you writers know how stressful that can be. And for me, food is my first choice as a stress-sedative!
Here’s wishing all of you a wonderful Christmas week! If you’re driving, drive safely, free of alcohol and cell phones. We want to see you next week!

Merry Christmas to all,


P.S. Sorry about the formatting above! For some reason, Blogspot is not recognizing my edits this week.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012



I made it through Thanksgiving week without gaining weight! But now the parties and treat trays have started. The lure of high-calorie temptation beckons and I feel myself weakening. It’s time to renew my vow of stability over the holidays.
            Lady Gaga sings, “I’m On The Edge of Glory,” wearing next to nothing with every lean inch of her looking great, her inspiring message nudging me to remember my vow. These are the days that put me on the edge of fatness. I need to remain aware.
            Complacency is that little devil inside me that keeps saying, “Go ahead. This is the season to enjoy. Worry about it later.”
It’s so easy to get caught up in all the good cheer and good food that surrounds me. Every day it’s getting harder not to fall into the sedated state of overeating. I keep telling myself I’d rather feel good about my body than overindulge. Staying aware is half the battle.
            Here come my tips for the party season. Excuse me if some are repetitive, but those may be worth reviewing—or tacking on the bathroom mirror.
              1 - Join a conversation as far from the food table as possible. 
              2 - I’ve been watching thin people and noticed that they don’t nibble. They take a small cocktail plate, fill it with offerings from the display, and DON’T go back. Follow their lead.
              3 - Bring a pack of gum. As soon as you’ve finished your plate, put a piece into your mouth as a reminder not to keep nibbling. It works!
  4 - Only eat the things you really want. The hostess won’t notice you’ve passed up one or two items.
  5 - On non-party days, eat sensibly!
  6 - Box and wrap all home made goodies as soon as they’re finished baking and gift them as soon as possible. Store them in a spot you won’t be tempted to pick at them every hour.

Dear readers,
One of my followers admonished me for encouraging restraint. It is, after all, the season to rejoice and indulge, he told me. But it is possible to indulge without ending up in January with a thicker waistline. The most important tip is to eat smart on the days there are no parties, and remember if you have an event in the evening, it doesn’t give you license to begin feasting early in the day!
Enjoy the Christmas season. Wishing all of you happy and healthy days ahead.