Sunday, January 29, 2012

Writer’s block or writer’s butt?

Writer’s block or writer’s butt?
( I'm afraid I have both)

         It’s no secret. Sitting at a desk writing causes serious butt spread. Sitting at that same desk agonizing over writer’s block has the same consequence, not to mention time spent while blogging, e-mailing and social networking. None of these contribute to a narrow backside; and all the aforementioned are necessary to a writer’s success in selling his/her books. A heavy problem!
            I’ve devoted the last few month’s blogs to weight issues. This month I’m focusing on the writer’s dilemma—too much angst, too little exercise and too much food in the kitchen. How does the poor writer prevent a spreading fanny while finishing his necessary sedentary chores?

Some ways to avoid writer’s spread:
1.     If you’ve gotten into the habit of sharing your desk with food, break it. I can’t tell you not to have a cup of coffee at your side, but FYI, I sent a brand-new, Mac keyboard to an early grave with a mug of coffee. And the replacement keyboard has enough crud between the keys to run a garbage disposal. Two things to be gained from establishing a ‘no eating while writing’ habit; smaller butt and longer lasting (and more sanitary) keyboard.
2.     To prevent fanny-spread and keep your circulation going, set a timer to remind you to get up from the computer every half-hour and walk around for at least five minute. Vacuum your office, wash the dishes, or make the bed, anything to get your juices flowing.
3.     Take time for a daily walk. This is much easier if you have a dog. It’s just about impossible to resist the sad-eyed begging with glances toward the door or the leash. This also has a dual benefit; great for your health and the endorphins produced get your creative juices flowing! Carry a notebook or a digital recorder to capture any plot epiphanies that come to you on your journey through the neighborhood.
4.     A helpful exercise device is a small (fits under the desk)  stationary peddler. These are under $50, and you can find them in any of the gadget books that stuff your mailbox.
5.     While you’re sitting, keep you legs and/or feet moving. If you make a habit of this it won’t be distracting. Even something as simple as rotating your feet from the ankles will keep your leg circulation healthy.

Dear readers,
Thank you for following my blog. Please leave any commentary or addition to the tips I’ve included. They are things that I do daily and I’m sure you have some to add. (Of course, I’m not brave enough to measure my butt!)
See you next week,


  1. I love this, Marla! What a fun post. I write outside on my patio furniture with the laptop on my lap... too hard to share the space with food, but it does make it hard to move. Great idea for the timer! I am definitely going to try that one. Have a great day!


  2. Thanks for reading and commenting, Heidi. You don't look old enough to have circulation concerns, but it never hurts to start young!

  3. Hi Marla,
    When I'm at the keyboard, I do a lot of swivelling in my swivel chair!
    I don't know if I'm losing weight but I'm certainly getting dizzy.
    Writer Dave

  4. Funny boy! Yes I remember that you're a swiveler! Ha Ha, better than a lot of things you could be.


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