Saturday, January 21, 2012


Using affirmations

Repeat after me: Awareness is Everything.

You’ve probably forgotten all about your New Year’s goals.  Why is it so easy to forget goals? The answer is simple. Achieving a goal requires ongoing, active mental involvement. Changing demands that we step outside of our comfort zone and change means discomfort.

It’s been said (if anyone remembers her, I think Dr. Joyce Brothers said it first) that happiness is not found in the big things, e.g. more money, a bigger house, a better job. Happiness is found when you find comfort in your day-to-day routine. In other words, enjoying the small things; the life you have now.

The foods we love are one of those small things; giving them up is painful. No wonder it’s so difficult to stay on a diet. Don’t forget, the first four letters in diet spell “die”. We die inside when we make a change as rudimentary to our daily pleasure as our food choices. How, then, do we take off weight without sacrificing our mental well-being?

First and foremost, it is imperative to find a diet you can live with. Not the diet of the month in the women’s magazines, not the one on The Greatest Loser, not the one Oprah’s recommending this week, but one that over time becomes a way of life for you; a comfortable way of life.

Once you discover what that is for you, the next step is following it. And following any plan for change, whether it is to lose weight or achieve any other goal, demands that you stay aware of  that goal and the steps necessary to achieve it.

Affirmations are merely a tool to help you remain aware. Like finding the right diet, thinking of an affirmation that speaks to you and keeps you on track is well worth your time and effort. Having found one, repeat it to yourself like a mantra. Over and over. Anytime during the day your resolve may be tested. Any time you think of it! Post it on your refrigerator, the bathroom mirror, or your computer. Whatever it takes for you to remain focused on your goal.

Some examples:

            1.  Today, I’ll stay focused on my goals.
            2.  I enjoy eating foods that are healthy in the quantities that my body needs.
            3.  I’d rather feel great about my body. (This is my personal favorite.)
            4.  I’m satisfied with 1500 calories a day. (Fill in your own limit if you’re counting calories.)
            5.  I’m going to make this a wonderful day.
            6.  Today I will be good to myself in every way.

            You get the idea. Draft one that tweaks your resolve you and keeps you on the path to achieving your goals. If you come up with one for all of us, please share it!
Have a wonderful, healthy week,


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