Monday, December 12, 2011

The Ten Pounds of Christmas - Week Six - Sugar's Slippery Slope

 Sugar’s Slippery Slope

On my annual Christmas visit to Iowa, a friend gave me a box of cookies she’d baked. They were delicious. Don’t ask me how many I consumed on my drive back home; I’m afraid I lost count after six!
Why is it, that being given a wonderful treat like home baked cookies, I eat them like they’re the last ones I’ll ever enjoy? If any of you readers have a good suggestion on how to put the brakes on grazing, please share it!
Last week I was on the edge, and now I’m at the bottom of the goodie barrel, fluffy as a marshmallow snowman. It is not a pleasant feeling. I’ve slid down the slippery slope for three days; now it’s time to follow my own advice and return to sensible eating until the next “event”. With two weeks to go before the big day, there are many more temptations ahead.
I’m also pondering why it’s so impossibly difficult to get back on track after three days of free-reign eating. The mouth wants what the mouth wants, hard to control as a cat! I must accept the inevitable truth—in order to keep from gaining ten pounds this season, I have to eat less than normal on days when there are no parties or other eating occasions luring me to overindulge.
And meanwhile, thank goodness for stretch jeans!
Tips for the week.
1 Don’t let a few out of control days become a week of binging. Accept it, forgive yourself, and eat lean whenever possible.
2 Put gift treats out of sight. (Or in the trunk!) Allow yourself a few each day as a reward for your resolve.


  1. "The mouth wants what the mouth wants!" Love it! And so very true! But tell me, why doesn't the mouth ever want carrots?

  2. So I guess I shouldn't give you treats as a Christmas present?

    Quote I found online: "Don't reward yourself with food. You're not a dog."

    Well, back to the white chocolate-covered caramel popcorn I made!

  3. Hmm. Guess I'd better start barking. Tend to reward, console, entertain, soothe and ease my anger with food.
    And my mouth NEVER craves carrots. Or anything else that is actually good for me. Challenging to get in the good stuff!


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