Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Week Five - I'm On The Edge of Fatness


I made it through Thanksgiving week without gaining weight! But now the parties and treat trays have begun their tempting display. The lure of high-calorie temptation beckons and I feel myself weakening. It’s time to renew my vow of stability over the holidays.
            Lady Gaga sings, “I’m On The Edge of Glory,” wearing next to nothing with every lean inch of her looking great, her inspiring message nudging me to remember my vow. These are the days that put me on the edge of fatness. I need to remain aware.
            Complacency is that little devil inside me that keeps saying, “Go ahead. This is the season to enjoy. Worry about it later.”
It’s easy for me to get caught up in all the good cheer and good food that surrounds me. Every day it’s getting harder not to fall into the sedated state of overeating. I keep telling myself I’d rather feel good about my body than overindulge. Staying aware is half the battle.
            Here come my tips for the week. Excuse me if some are repetitive, but those may be worth reviewing—or tacking on the bathroom mirror.
            1 Join a conversation as far from the food table as possible.
2 I’ve been watching thin people and noticed that they don’t nibble. They take a small cocktail plate, fill it with offerings from the display, and DON’T go back. 
3 Only eat the things you really want. The hostess won’t notice you’ve passed up one or two items.
4 On non-party days, eat sensibly!
5 Box and wrap all home made goodies.

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  1. I like to try the Scarlet O'Hara strategy and eat before I go, so I am not hungry. However, one problem I have encountered is that I still eat even if I'm not hungry. Plus, as you have mentioned, we don't want the hostess to go to all that work and then not indulge. I need a mammie, like Scarlet, telling me what to do. It's me Vickie, not Bob, writing this.


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