Monday, April 4, 2016

Are you an AMAZON & KDP basher?

Are you an AMAZON & KDP basher?

Every day I receive dozens of emails from sites for authors, and every day, somewhere on the list is a recurring theme—complaints about Amazon. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen one that had something good to say about any of Amazon’s practices regarding things for writers.
     Are you among the many authors who constantly criticize KDP and take your books out every time Amazon does something that you don’t approve of?
     It’s important to take a step back and examine the big picture here—Amazon’s KDP does authors a huge service.
     Don’t think so?
     Then take an even further step back and think about what life would be like without Amazon's assistance. Realistically, chances of getting your work published the traditional way, through an agent and then a publishing house, are similar to your odds of winning your state lottery.
     And even if you do manage to get a publisher to pick up your work, then guess what? The publisher expects authors to do their own marketing. Now, you’re making considerably smaller royalties, while doing the same amount of endless marketing chores.
     Maybe this phenomenon of complaining is a natural thing; Amazon is, after all, our employer, and everyone loves to complain about their employer. Unlike a traditional employer though, there are no touch-bases, no monthly or even annual dialogue to discuss how the employer/employee relationship is going. Admittedly, our Amazon employer is not easy to communicate with.
     KDP does answer email questions, although it takes one to two days to get an answer. Their answers are canned, and are usually not specific enough for your problem unless you happen to ask just the right question. If it were up to me—and I know many of you will violently disagree—I’d be in favor of Amazon charging authors a minimal fee for publishing in order for them to pay for an easy-to-access support system.
     Most of us have a love & hate attitude toward Mother Amazon.
Where is the love?

Ten things to love about Amazon and KDP
1.     Any writer can publish his/her eBook on Amazon in only 2 days.
2.     There are now millions of Kindle owners all over the world buying eBooks.
3.     Amazon has made it easy now for people with other digital readers to download AZ products.
4.     An author can get as much as a 70%  royalty from his/her book sales.
5.     KDP pays authors for eBooks lent to Prime members by paying for pages read.
6.     Profits are deposited directly into an author’s bank account.
7.     Amazon sells eBooks to a worldwide market and shares the profit.
8.     KDP’s Select program offers authors free days to help promote their books and many other options for promotion.
9.     Amazon is continually adding new ways for authors to market their writing.
10. Author profile pages give writers a platform for all their books, their trailers, their blogs, and other information they want to supply to their readers.

My personal experiences with publishing on AZ have been over a period of five years. I’ve seen their promotion choices go from offering free days to many different options. Formatting instructions for uploading books are improved regularly, making the publishing process simpler.
      For an indie author Amazon and KDP remain—the best game in town.

Dear Readers,

You’re probably wondering if I ever add my complaints about Amazon to the long list that others whine about daily. Like any employee, yes, I have my criticisms. 
Right now, I love the profits I’m receiving from their pages-read system of rewarding those who put their books into Amazon Prime. I write long books and people tend to read the entire thing, so pages-read has been a bonanza for me. I know that system most likely is not something that Amazon will use forever and when it’s changed, I'll probably complain. But I believe that Amazon wants to keep their authors happy and when it is changed, I trust that it will be to something equally profitable.

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, and successful spring,



  1. I have had no particular problem with Amazon, Always get my royalties on time and they are helpful if needed :)

    1. Glad to hear it, Julian. Also glad to know they have been helpful with your needs. Guess I'm not the only one who appreciates Mother Amazon!
      Nice to hear from you. Have a super Sunday,

  2. Hi, Marla, you bring out some great points. I think Amazon is one of the best things around for indies, right now, especially those trying to build a following. So many affiliate sites promote books featured on Amazon. Goodreads has at least two groups looking for books to read that are in Kindle Unlimited. Amazon is there for indies to take advantage of, just as much as some might feel Amazon takes advantage of indies. I have seen little action from Smashwords or other retailers when initially promoting a book. My advice is to learn all the strategies people can to use Amazon to get the word out about their books.

    1. Hi Kathy!
      Good to hear from you. Hope all is going well for you these days. Yes, I believe AZ is still the best game in town for us Indies. SW never did a thing for me.
      Take care,

  3. Nice! My experiences with Amazon have been mostly positive. I'm thrilled that they opened up a whole new market for writers. :)

  4. Nice! My experiences with Amazon have been mostly positive. I'm thrilled that they opened up a whole new market for writers. :)


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