Saturday, December 22, 2012

Eek! It's Christmas Week

 Eek! It’s Christmas Week 

(And I’m feeling fat already.)

      Trying to follow my own tips, I’m fighting to eat less on days there are no parties, no company, or 
dining out. And during those eating events, I’m savoring the things I really love without (almost 
without) overindulging.  I’ve managed to pass up the things that aren’t favorites and the desserts when
I’m already stuffed. 

      Doesn’t seem like much, you say?

      Then you most likely have never had a serious weight problem and shouldn’t be reading this blog! 
But seriously, it is the small changes that make a big difference. 

I’m having company this week for Christmas. Here some tips for serving guests. 

1. If possible, put prepared treats far out of sight and reach unless they’re being served to everyone.

2. Don’t give up the things you love. Give yourself permission to indulge, but only on the things you 
enjoy the most. Pass up foods you can live without.

3. As host or hostess, serve things that are not your personal favorites. 

4. When entertaining, have holiday containers and wrap on hand. Send leftover temptations home with your guests. Be assertive!

5. At a party, fill yourself one plate of the things you enjoy the most and savor every bite. DON”T stand at the buffet and nibble.

7. Always have a mental plan before a food event. Then stick to it. This battle is all about awareness.
8. If you do have a bad day or two, follow up with two good days and forgive yourself.

Please feel free to comment and leave any additional tips that work for you!

Dear readers,
So far, I’ve managed not to gain weight during the holiday season. It’s been especially hard as I’ve been doing the final proofing on my next book and all of you writers know how stressful that can be. And for me, food is my first choice as a stress-sedative!
Here’s wishing all of you a wonderful Christmas week! If you’re driving, drive safely, free of alcohol and cell phones. We want to see you next week!

Merry Christmas to all,


P.S. Sorry about the formatting above! For some reason, Blogspot is not recognizing my edits this week.


  1. Hi Marla, love your blog. In fact, I just awarded you the Liebster Blog Award. Check out the details on my blog,

  2. Thanks, KJ!
    I've been offered this award before, and it seems to always happen when I'm too busy to follow up!
    Right now I don't have time. Maybe in a few weeks it will work out. I'll keep the email.
    Thanks for thinking of me, and Happy New Year!


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