Sunday, November 11, 2012

Collect Ammunition Against Negativity

Collect Ammunition Against Negativity

It will happen. You know there’ll be days when you feel like a slice of three-week old bread. Those are the days you’ll need to call up your reserves—you need help.
            Why would you want to prepare for those days ahead of time? Having a stockpile of ammunition comes in handy when your inner critic rears its ugly head. That inner voice that says you’re not good enough to write a jingle, much less a complex novel.
            No matter how good you are at liking yourself, the critic-monster will sneak back in. It’s extremely crafty and not easily booted out. The inevitability of its reappearances in our lives is why we need to be prepared.
            Negative thoughts keep you from having loving relationships, getting the job you want, and from finishing your novel. They may be the only things holding you back from succeeding!
             Here are some ideas for positive ammunition:
1.     Visualize eliminating your inner critic. Picture yourself rubbing it out of your life with a giant eraser, or tossing it in the basket of a hot air balloon and watching while it floats into the stratosphere.
2.     Create a library of inspiring books. There are so many to choose from for writers! Don’t just download the free ones to your kindle—read them!
3.     Write down every good thing anyone’s ever said about you and your writing. Jot down all those morale-boosters and read them over whenever you feel the need.
4.     Always remember you have a choice. Next time life deals you a setback, remember you can change the one thing you have control over—your attitude. Do whatever it takes to get back in a positive frame of mind.
5.     Get some exercise. A brisk walk around the block can do wonders for your attitude and spark creativity. Invest in a small digital recorder and take advantage of this heightened spark. You’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish.
6.     Look for someone to praise. Complimenting others can’t help but make you feel better about yourself.
7.     Watch an uplifting movie, or turn on your favorite music.

Dear readers,
How did you feel about this exercise? Did you resist it, resent it, even think, “Why bother?” That attitude might represent the way you treat your body, your writing and your entire life. Take time to think about what you love about yourself and all of your accomplishments. Now’s the time to shine!
All you NaNoWriMo’s out there, take heart. It will be over soon. Take time to read what you’ve already written and give yourself a pat on the back!
Have a great week everyone,
(This blog inspired by Pam Grout’s Treasure Hunt.)


  1. Writer Dave Here,
    Marla, you've had some inspiring blogs lately!
    I'm getting into Meditation now, it might help throwing my inner critic into the balloon basket.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Meditation is another great way to stay positive! Thanks for mentioning it.
      Let us know how it works for you, Dave. You seem to be a pretty positive guy most
      of the time!

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    1. thanks for reading my blog! Have a nice weekend,

  3. Hi Marla,

    Inspiring post! Thanks for sharing your tips on getting rid of the critic-monster.


    1. HI Joanne,
      We have to stay vigilant, don't we? I keep hoping my blogs will inspire me, too!
      So glad you found it helpful.
      Nice to hear from you,

  4. Hey Marla

    This post has been very eye opening. I will certainly make use of this exercise in the 'down days' of writing my current novel.
    Although i agree with you for the very best part, I do however keep a steady hand on my critical side. Without it i'd never have anything better than a bad nursery rhyme to write hehe. my critical side keeps me thinking 'i can do better' :P

    all the best

    1. Hi Ross,
      Sounds like your critical side serves you well! We writers spend so much time alone that it
      becomes very easy to have doubts. Stick with it!
      Thanks for stopping in,

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