Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Magic Tip


Is it really magic? No, it’s not magic and its simplicity will amaze you. Use goal-setting habits to maintain an awareness of where you’re going in your writing and what needs to be done.
            When I was writing my first novel, I had a copy of Walter Mosley’s This Year You Write Your Novel, and used its advice to get my book finished. Mosley advocates writing a certain amount every day no matter what—set a number of words, stick to it, and your novel will be done in under a year.  Did it work for me? Not in a year, but I went on to complete the novel and had it for sale on Amazon within three years. My second novel, soon to be published, took a little more than a year.
            There is no magic. There are no secrets. It takes discipline and hard work to complete a novel. Setting goals for your writing can help make it happen.
1.    Long-term goals. These are what keep you going. Without that long-term dream to be a published writer, it won’t happen. Write down your goals for the year and look at them often.
2.    Short-term goals. These keep you writing and are critical in avoiding things like writer’s block and the blahs. I find weekly goals the most useful and make them realistic based on how many things non-related to writing I might have to attend to that week. An example of weekly goals might be:
- Write at least a page a day.
- Keep up the outline for my novel
- Put in at least two review or interview requests
- Do my weekly blog.
- Spend 30 minutes keeping up on Twitter.
Put your weekly goals on an index card and prop it up on your computer where you won’t be able ignore it.
3.    Daily goals. Daily goals are great on days when you have a lot to accomplish. Fit in your writing needs for the day and check off things as you finish them. Be sure to leave your list where you can see it!

Dear Readers,
I’m getting ready to leave for a few days and I’m contemplating whether to take my computer along or leave it  behind and forget about writing and marketing for three days. Maybe I need “trip” goals!
Thanks for stopping by and have a great week,



  1. Writer Dave Here,
    Good tips, Marla, I try to do all of them.
    Sometimes "life" gets in the way!

    1. Good for you Dave! That must be how you get so many stories cranked out for us!
      Thanks for spreading the word for me. I'd love to visit England, but I"m waiting until
      my writing will pay for it!
      Take care,

  2. Great post for both experienced and wanna-be writers!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Rita! So happy that you liked the post.
      Have a wonderful weekend,

  3. Marla, Thank you for a great post!

    I write and post on my blog a goal list every week, I also have a long term list. Sometimes, I slip, and need setting back on the rails so to speak, but without the goal lists I would be useless!

    And yes, I include 'the good stuff' on my list every week, so why not for a trip list too.


    1. That's a wonderful idea! And you're right, the hard part is staying on the rails.
      Goal lists are a helpful tool.
      Thanks for visiting, and have a happy Sunday,


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