Sunday, June 10, 2012



(Slowdown on Twitter activity since Memorial Day)

      When my Twitter response emails (things like email notifications of RTs, Favorited tweets, Direct Messages and Follows),  took a long trip south on the Memorial Day weekend, I panicked. What was wrong? I frantically changed my browser, contacted Twitter, and checked all my settings. Nothing made a difference, and my normal email response traffic hasn’t returned. A friend of mine, another author, has had the same experience.

       Is everyone except us diehards out sun tanning, swimming and lying on a beach? Or maybe at weddings, graduations and taking the kids to summer camp? (Photo is how we spend summer here on the lake! Pontooning with friends or our dog!)

       I thought everyone stayed in touch these days with their Ipads and Smartphones. If they’re staying in touch it’s not on Twitter. Maybe only with friends?

       Are they buying eBooks for their beach reads on their Kindles? Sales haven’t dropped dramatically, but have slowed down.

       Please help me with this, Twitter friends! Anyone out there know what’s causing this phenomenon?

Dear Readers,

       I hope you’re all having a wonderful beginning to your summer. Unless of course, you live somewhere where it’s winter! We’ve had a couple super-hot days here in NW Wisconsin. I’m waiting eagerly for things to cool down.

Thanks for reading and for your contributions,



  1. Marla, what do you mean by Twitter response emails?

  2. Ah! Now I get it! Thanks for expanding on that for me, Marla. In re: to your question, I have seen an uptick in mine but that's because I've been focusing on Twitter more in the last few weeks. I'm sure that blurs the results.


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