Monday, June 27, 2011

Reading, Writing and Staying Away From the Kitchen

I've been reading since I was five, writing all my life, and been overweight since I was a toddler.

Writing suspense fiction is a fairly new endeavor. They say write what you know, but I decided to write what I read. Suspense is my latest reading addiction. Not too recent, however, it's probably been about a thirty-year love affair. I've been absorbed with genres such as historical romance, espionage, and the supernatural, the latter spurred by a fear-filled night of reading The Exorcist.

Food, somehow, has always been connected with reading for me. Nothing was ever as good as a bowl of buttered popcorn while reading an exciting book. The diet doctors always tell you not to read or do anything else while eating. While I cannot say they're wrong, I'm afraid giving up the practice might cause me enough anxiety to send me running for something even more calorie laden than the popcorn bowl.

And now I'm writing. A skill that keeps me sitting on my ever-increasing backside while staring at a computer screen. There go the eyes, too. My novel, She's Not There, will be epubished any day now, and the angst over the process is something also not conducive to a slim body!

So, dear blog reader, I will be asking you to buy my book in order to get me up and moving! Not today, but soon, and the price will be right.


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  1. Marla - you are so funny!!!
    Looking forward to reading your work.
    Thanks for sharing this!

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